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Traumatic Brain Injury Chat Room

hello to all my fellow TBI Survivors and familey members! this chat room was designed for people that have recived a tbi or that has a familey member with a
Everyone’s working hard on this new TBIChat Room so please greet new people when they enter a room.

Personal information should not be given out in the TBI there is no way to tell who is really typing on that other end. Each person in the Chat Room assumes all risks of sharing personal info.

Here are some basic chat room rules of proper etiquette that will help your chat room experiences be more pleasant for you as well as the others in the room.

Rule Number One- This is probably the most important rule. Do not verbally abuse, attack, embarrass, or threaten anyone else in the chat room, no matter what they might say to you. You are bound to find some troublemakers on the Internet. But, the best way to deal with them is to just ignore them or simply leave the room.

Rule Number Two- Do not use obscene, offensive, or sexually explicit language. You don’t need to use this kind of language in order to speak to someone or to get your point across to others.

Rule Number Three- Never type your messages in by using all capital letters. On the Internet, this is considered to be screaming or yelling at another person, and, of course, this is nothing short of rude. If you want to *emphasize* a word or phrase, simply type an asterisk in before and then directly after your word or phrase. This is a widely recognized way to get your point across without being rude.

Rule Number Four- When you are entering a chat room, you should always greet everyone whether you know them or not. Be sure to wait until there is a lull in the conversation already in progress, though. Don’t interrupt. And, when someone else enters the room, you should make it a point to at least recognize their presence and greet them with a friendly “Hi (their screen name)!”

Rule Number Five- Don’t speak unless you know what the conversation is about first. And, in speaking while in a chat room, don’t type in long, detailed messages that will take allot of time and space. Also, never interrupt someone else. Be patient; you will get your chance to speak.

By following these rules, your chat room experiences can be positive ones. You can make new friends and connect with others who share your same interests.

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  1. Hey Donnie, this is Chris mother again – just wanted to tell you I think you are AWESOME and I hope and pray my son has the drive you did to recover. What did you parent do to push you? Where did you go for inpatient treatment after the ICU!

    You are such an inspiration to me since there are not many Hypoxics out there that I have seen!

    God helped me find you!

  2. Hi, my name is Tim. I am writing in regards for my grand daughter who suffered from Hypoxia from surgury. Her name is Jalyn who is 10 years old. I am looking for any positive hope and help possible.
    Thank you

  3. Just wanted to say hi…and I was in a wreck in October and have TBI. You know the drill I am sure, OT, PT, Speech Therapy, neuropsych testing….

    Then the frustration and anxiety with everything.

    I give you props for putting all your business out here….

    Good luck to you!!!!!

  4. that sounds a good bit like my chain of events but mine started 11/08. Don’t worry – it gets better – I’m not sure when the frustration will get behind you…I think it has to do with “acceptance”… (what I call the”A” word)

  5. Hi Donnie – I’m new to your site….will watch videos and read as time allows, but hope you can answer a question for me: (I am mom to Abby who suffered TBI 9/2/08 at age 18. Abby is minimally responsive yet understands most of what is said to her. Ab moves very little – she’s “locked in” living at home since 9/30/09 after year in rehabs.) Constipation! Did you experience problems and what did you do about it? Unfortunately, Ab’s MD put her on Senna syrup and Colace over a year ago and constipation is an ongoing battle for her. Any suggestions?

  6. Donny,

    Look into HBOT, its beginning to be the answer to TBI

  7. Just checking it out..hit my head and was in a coma for a couple months. I’ll hope to hear back…

  8. hey mike! i wish you would of left your email address so that i can get back at you! and dont worry about anyone seeing it because im the only person that would be able to see it!!

    thanks for stopping by my website!!

  9. Hello my son suffered a TBI in 1996, after 3 brain surgeries, 4 spinal surgeries. tr ache. 3 back surgeries, total 13 operations in all, he’s back in school with honors. He is in a wheel chair, very happy, joyful and smooth. He plays bass guitar, love to draw, and is good at it. He 16 now and want to meet girls. they seem to love to talk to him at school but he seems to be getting very disappointed are rejected at the response he get from them. He’s in high school in a public setting. Please help.

  10. Hi Sharee who has a TBI told me about this chat room. I am currently doing a hand propelled trike cycle of New Zealand to bring awareness of brain injury, helmet safety and for fundraising. I have a TBI too.

    Hi Mark where and when are you planning on doing this??

  11. Hi Sharee who has a TBI told me about this chat room. I am currently doing a hand propelled trike cycle of New Zealand to bring awareness of brain injury, helmet safety and for fundraising. I have a TBI too. Not sure if this went through

  12. Hello: I have not been in a tbi chat room in along time and I can not remember how to get into one. The one I have it looks like no one goes in that one. Can you help me Thanks Aurelia

  13. Hi Donny,
    My son James is a survivor…pick up truck bed passenger who fell out. Not sure to this day exactly how or what caused his accident. James like you has also been blessed with a second chance. I am going to tell him about your site. August this year marks two years since James accident. Today is the first day that together we began searching for a site like yours.

  14. hey there i am Joann and 53 years young and i had my tbi in 94,, glad i found this website. i have questions may be someone on here can help:)

    .. i was also diagosed with possible ms but now i wonder if the things i go thru daily
    may be associated with the brain injury.. i have heat related trouble where it effects my legs where they
    feel like i am walking in divers boots. or i slurr my words or brain fog , have trouble swallowing.. vision trouble.. but curious if this could be related to my major brain injury.. as the neuro just did
    mri`s on my brain, spine and neck and found nothing conclusive to pin point to ms, next they are
    doing a spinal tap.. could a brain injury cause ms like systoms? Thank You

  15. hi everyone, I had a tbi in 1995 when i was 18….recovered well luckily…life is a little
    challenge now!!! would like to meet some other people with whove had this experience xxx

  16. In 1993 I was in a terrible car accident, I fell asleep at the wheel I was in a coma for 2 months and not expected to live. Had an 8 % chance to olive and if I did live I was going to be a ve vegetable, I’m far from it, I started college in 95 and received my Bachelor’s degree in 2001 in Computer Science, I wasn’t supposed to be able to walk but I do walk now after years of therapy and going to the gym My poor mom went thru alot after my accident, not knowing if I was going to make it. But now I work at the college, live alone,

  17. I Wake up wondering ….. ? How am i dizzy i just lay in bed not doing a thing?
    I have been very lOw energized since i could remember but i know that when i was 11 my whole life came to a crashing halt. I started getting migrane headaches and massive nose bleeds. My PediatricIan had checked me thoroughly, blood test from a-z, a cat scan etc… But had given me the results that everything was ok. My mom on the other hand knew something was terribly wrong and had asked my auntie, who works in the Er as a nurse also for numorous Dr.s, for her educated opinion along with a referril with a neurologist. We set up an appointment and was in his office a few days after. He set me up with an MRI and reffered to a neuro surgeon with the results being a brain stem lesion. Having surgery that week after my Mri, told me that this was a serious matter. The surgery went as well as expected, except that the surgeon was unable to remove the lesion because it was wrapped around my brain stem.

    Till this day, 10yrs later, i am still living With my lesion, i am thankful that i am alive, but the question still lingers on me every hour of ever day, what is gOing on with me? What is wrapped around my brain stem?
    The locatIon of the mass, physically makes me feel like i am living Life but i am in a coma while doing so.
    I feel major dePression, Although i take meds for it. My personality is outgoing and friendly, yet i do not make meaningful relationships at all. I have a wonderful supporting mother and father… Yet i feel as though i am alone in the world. I can not drive due to medical reasons… I have a horrific driving record , to say the least!!!!
    Today my main concern is how can i gain independence while living at home and not being able to work.? I am stomped on ideas in need of insperation , like you dOnny i

  18. Hi. Not really sure what I’m suppose to write about, so bear with me. For about a year I suffered from headaces and myself and my wife (now ex wife) thought it was stress related. Then one day, my headache was the worst headache I ever expierenced, I told my wife that “I had to go to the hospital”.
    She said “just a second, I will take ya.”
    I replied “I have to go right away, call an ambulance.
    By then my mother had been called and since she lived nearby, she got there about the same time as the ambulance and she couldn’t believe her eyes, they were making me walk to the ambulance. Even more amazing was that they didn’t have their siren or lighs on.
    Once I got to the hospital, adoctor said..”I hope it’s not what I think it is.”
    “I said..what?”
    He replied “an anuerysm”
    Not knowing what one was, I asked, “What’s it cause?”
    Just then I passed out and they lifelined me to a hospital with a neurologist where I laid for 1 1/2 years.

  19. Christi- Love to chat and exchange experiences. I was also in a car accident while in college in 1992. I have been back to college three times, graduating once oh and have attempted over 29 occupations- Love to hear from you. I can be reached at or peterloomans on FB

  20. Hi everyone. I’m Lauren. I had two strokes and over came it. I’m 25 now and living life like tomorrow.

  21. Hi everyone. I’m Lauren. I had two strokes and over came it. I’m 25 now and living life like there if no tomorrow!

  22. Hi Donny, Hope all is well I just found this chat room. My beautiful sister had an accident 3 years ago and is now tbi and blind, it has been hard for the whole family she has two beautiful girls 13 and 20 and she lives with my parents 24/7 . she has lost most of her friends and i feel i am slipping away two because of her deformity and not being the sister i really use to know, she is but i when i see what she looks like it hurts she was beautiful and still she is but it hurts. i am not trying to be a person looking on the outside but i guess i am, she is not happy living with my parents and they need some counseling which they have not in these 3 years, my mom is really hard to live with and i am wondering do i take my sister in? thanks for listening. Kristine

  23. Hi, my name is Jennifer and I had a tbi 5 years ago. I was in the hospital for 1 year and in rehab for anoher year in Toronto, Ontario. I find that worst part of my life right now, is being able to meet people. I live in an assistive living (have my very own bachlor apartment) and have help; 24/7 when I need it. I would love to talk or meet people but find it difficult becauise they might have difficulty understanding my speech. Does anyone have any advice on how to meet people and how to deal with the lonliness.

  24. Hello is there anyone in this room born in 1960?
    I ask that so I might better be able to relate to you since we lived through the same events.

  25. Hello Ive never been a chat rom before so if smeone could show me the popes it would help.
    I don’t knpow if I’m supposed to recapitulate my life and events leading up to my tbi.
    I was 19 in 1980 the year of my car accident that irrokably changed me forever.
    I was a student of architecture with what was to be a brilliant future,but my tbi erased all that for me.

  26. I was in a bad car accident back in october26 2010 and my friend was driving we were going to work and he said his back right tire of his truck popped he said I said what the hell was that when it popped I was in acoma for four months now I’m home and have tbi and cant walk or move my left arm my left side does not work at all he didn’t see me in the hospital or now that I’m home he still won’t come see how I’m doing I was dating his sister she was gorgeous I wanted to marry her and have kids now I cant get a girlfriend can you help me get a girlfriend please I want to have kids my friend is probably afraid I’m gonna kill him I plan on it if he shows his face around here ever again his sister is a cunt she cheated on me when I was in the hospital and thought I wouldn’t find out when I got home from the hospital I found out because my sister worked with him and we use to hang out with him his name is Ryan he’s friends with her on Facebook too help me get a. Girlfriend and her number a gorgeous blonde would be nice if you could please my cell phone number is 1 317 674 2558 tell her to text me if she has a cell phone please

  27. Hi, I’m Kyla. I was in an accident 10 years ago and I’m still “recovering”. I’m learning now that I may also be developing Parkinsons/Dementia. I guess I was hoping you folks could understand what I’m going through. I’m tired of people saying, “oh that happens to me too.” They don’t get how I’m feeling, how scared I am now that other things are starting to show up… blocks of memory loss, unresponsive seizures, and tremors in my hand and leg.

  28. First time posting,
    I have taken care of my son for 20 years after his auto accident.
    His tbi is sever and will be dependent on me for the rest of his life.
    Loss of eye sight,his left side is so constricted he can not walk, he is none verbal also tube feed.
    We have struggled thru many battles with insurance company and wanted to share my experience but also exchange stories with everyone.
    I hope we can help and support each other in a number of ways to improve our quality of family life and also find supportive groups,doctors,and people to support us in our needs for our injured loved ones.

  29. It’s awesome designed for me to have a website, which is useful for my know-how.
    thanks admin

  30. brain injuries suck. i have not one, but two. i am sick of rebuilding my life.

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